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Language and Communication

Nowadays I feel like language has evolved so much. I use such different language within my friends than with my family. For example: whenever I am with my friends people around me use new slang words everyday that is honestly so hard to keep up with. Imagine saying "slay" or "ate" to your parents. They would probably look at you for a very long time and not know what you meant by that. I remember once I used the word "ghost" to my dad and he was very confused on what it meant; however, now that he knows the definition he now utilizes it frequently when sometimes I do not pick up his calls.

Language evolving is a major concept within anthropology since many different cultures and people utilizes various languages to interact with one another. I was studying on how language has diffused around the world. Much of the reason why several language has been spread and mixed in various areas in the world is mostly because of prior history of certain areas invading others. After learning about this I was wondering how this new, weird language has been spreading within my age groups, because seriously everyday there is a new word in someone's vocabulary. Like my other blog posts we have discusses how technology has had a very prominent effect on how people study humans since technology seems to be around us all the time now. So when I was reflecting upon this language idea I realized it has to do something with technology. Nowadays for language to spread there doesn't need to be an invasion or war, just social media.

This wasn't a very eduational blog post, but I wanted to share this because I find it so interesting how the spread of language has durastically changed. It used to be because one country would fight the other and the dominant world would soon invade that country, mixing various languages with one another. Now it can solely be someone saying a word in a funnily way and then others watching a video and repeating it until its in most 17 year olds vocabulary.

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